Q1 Business Zone
  • Ernakulam Medical Centre, Kochi, Kerala, India
 Q1 – high-end retail cum office complex, spread over 440,000 sq. ft. is coming up on the Cochin Bypass, the emerging high street of Cochin. 800 m. from the Palarivattom Signal With a road frontage of 378 ft.  is coming up on 88,000 sq. ft. of virgin land.
Q1 Business Zone
Form Level-6 to Level-12, we have 7 floors of high tech Business/Office spaces with an exclusive car parking tower which can accommodate 140 cars additionally totaling 500 + car parks for the entire building. The business zone has seamless office spaces ranging from 1000 sq.ft. to 16000 sq.ft on each floor totaling to 125000 sq.ft. 
Amenities & Facilities of Q1:
  • Centrally Air-conditioned
  • 100% power back-up
  • Exclusive grand entry to Business space
  • Exclusive elevators for Business spaces
  • Excusive service entry and lift for Business space.
  • 4 car lifts for movement to Office Tower Parking.
  • Access control for floors of Business zone.
  • 5 star concierge service.
  • Special parking on the ground floor and rest rooms for physically challenged.
  • Flexibility to design your own interiors, as the space has no columns and has a high ceiling.
  • 2 levels of basement car parks accommodating more than 200 cars.
  • Roof height of 3.75 m (12.5 ft) for Business space.
  • House Keeping service by property manager.
  • Security services from property manager.
  • Fully equipped board rooms.
  • Fully equipped lunch room for staff.
  • Fully serviced and maintained toilets on all floors.
  • Toilet for physically challenged.
Car Parking Tower for Q1 Business Zone Office spaces
  • 4 Car lifts to take your car to the level of your office and back.
  • Tower car parking from Level 6 to Level 15.
  • Each level accommodates 20 cars.
  • Separate rest rooms for drivers.
  • Reserved and protected parking at additional cost.
Indeed, Q1’s one in a million lifestyle architecture maintains international standards in business space from car parking for every office floor to contemporary architecture and modern facilities like a separate dining area and restrooms away from the office space. Thus creating the perfect ambience for an international experience in corporate work culture and shopping.


  • 440000
    BUILTUP AREA (Sq.ft)
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About Builder

Nippon Infra

Infra Housing is one of the leading builders in Kerala and brings to Q1 a record of over fifteen projects in housing, commercial and hospitality, and a reputation for innovation and craftsmanship. Nippon Motor Corporation, headed by M.A.M Babu Moopan, has decades of experience as a builder and the company's dealerships for the world’s top car manufacturers; Bharat Benz Commerical Vehicles, General Motors & Toyota have won several international awards for customer satisfaction and have been consistently ranked the best in India and Asia. At Nippon Infra we have a 20/20 vision of the future: beyond form, function and aesthetics, architecture needs to signpost the changing lifestyles of its residents and add to the character of a city. And as the light glints on the tower, the Queen of the Arabian Sea will find her new place under the business sun.